Mini Lop Rabbit

lunedì 3 ottobre 2011 08:31 Pubblicato da Elisa Bistocchi
The Mini Lop Rabbit is lively and smart. Not only are they very “huggable” and playful, they are known to be successfully litter-box trained. They make great companions that like to interact and appreciate affection, and are often described as being like a pet dog.
Mini Lops can be good pets, but think of them a little like terriers. A terrier may be a small dog, but it needs a great deal of space to run in. Even though your mini lop may be small, he or she will probably need more space and exercise than a larger rabbit.

Mini lops
are also known for being more temperamental in general, so be prepared to spend some time with your mini lop before he or she becomes the cuddly little critter you had hoped for.
What I can tell you for sure is that Mini lops should be around 1.5 kgs or 3.3 pounds when fully grown.

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